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Saturday August 18, 2007

Well, I participated on the Sanford and Sun Triathlon held at Sanford Lake on August 18, 2007. I had lots of fun and I was very excited starting earlier that week. That morning, I was "ready to go". I was not expecting to win anything becuase I thought I did not train long enough or hard enough to build my speed and endurance. But I got 2nd place for the 30-34 year old category!! I would say that I was not too bad after being my first experience and I did beat my "goal" that I has set earlier of 1hour and 20 minutes (but this first goal included a 20K bike and it ended up being a 10 mile bike so I "benefited" a few minutes from my original goal). I finished at 1 hour, 10 minutes and 41 seconds. The results are below the pictures. And these are some of the pictures (click on picture to enlarge):

before swim after swim

Sanford and Sun Finish

2nd Place 30-34 yr olds

The results are here: (from www.3disciplines)
- Sprint Triathlon Overall
- Sprint Triathlon by Age Group
- Long Course Triathlon Overall
- Long Course Triathlon by Age Group

More stats:
- 2nd place for my age group (30-34 yr olds for the Sprint Triathlon) - I got a medal!!
6th place on the run from 220 competitors (My time for 5K was 21 minutes 11 seconds)
14th place from 93 male competitors (overall)
15th place from 220 total competitors (overall)

Here is my video of the Sanford and Sun Triathlon


I'll be participating in my first Triathlon on August 18, 2007, 8:00am in Sanford, Michigan .
The name of the event is Sanford and Sun from the Midland Triathlon Club. Here is the link and I just signed up so I need to keep on training!!

I'll be doing the sprint triathlon so this is what it covers:
500m swim, 10mi. bike (I thought this was going to be a 20K bike), 5k run

Sunday July 15, 2007

I volunteered at a triathlon on Sunday July 15, 2007 and it was a lot of fun watching some of my family and friends participate. The event was in Interlochen, Michigan and they all did a Sprint Triathlon. The results are here. And here is one picture:

Interlochen Michigan - Triathlets

Saturday July 7, 2007

Here is "my own triathlon" done on July 7, 2007. I did it just to test my endurance:

* 15 minute swim (I estimate at least a 600 meter swim). I used my Aquatic Tether.
* 14 mile bike (I improved my speed and timing from 55 minutes to 50 minutes!) I finally got to the right gearing on my mountain bike. Estimated speed is now 16.80 mph (it was 15.27 mph)
* 3 mile run (done in 28 minutes)

Total "workout" for this triathlon was 1 hour and 33 minutes.
My Goal is to do the Sanford and Sun Triathlon in less than 1 hour and 20 minutes. I have 5 weeks to go!!

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.
(Colossians 3:23 - NIV)

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